Wednesday, November 03, 2004

How could I have forgotten to post about Lazy Coworker (LC)? The drama continues...

Every year, LC takes approximately one month off to work for his family's business. It's a pretty sweet deal since most employers wouldn't be so accomodating. Last year he got into a bit of trouble for using unofficial comp time during his vacation. We were techinically supposed to record any overtime on our timecards and it would be officially accrued. Boss allowed us to keep an informal log of comp time instead of reporting it and then deduct any time we'd take off. Last year, the personnel office got wind of it and told LC he couldn't do that anymore.

This year we switched over to a computer-based timecard system mid-year, so LC began recording his comp time officially once we switched over. But he had about 2 weeks of "unofficial" comp time from the first half of the year, and Boss wanted him to use that up.

Well, personnel got wind of it again this year and called us on it. Boss and I discussed the situation and changed LC's time to vacation time and will make other arrangements for him to get the comp owed to him (which I personally think is an exaggerated amount. But I can't prove it).

That's not the big issue, although he had already been warned by personnel last year.

This issue is that LC also works part-time for 2 other bosses. Personnel notified me that on one of the positions he entered in time as if he's working while he's on vacation. I checked the other position and sure enough, he entered time there as well. So he's trying to get paid for time he won't be working - to the tune of about 40 hours - a week's worth of pay. I don't know if personnel is aware that he fudged on both jobs, and I don't feel it's my place to rat him out, but I am soooo tempted to bring it to the other boss's attention. I'm sick and tired of LC's bullshit. He cops an attitude when I or another person ask him to help us. The other coworker has caught him out driving around town when he's supposed to be at work. He's lied to one of the other bosses about being at work when he wasn't (and probably has to our boss, too).

The clincher: when checking to make sure if he had enough vacation time to cover his month off (he does - to the tune of about 200 hours - last year he claimed he didn't have enough hours, so I don't know where they magically appeared from) I also saw his pay stub. That stinker is bringing home as much money as I am. Granted, he's "working" the extra part time positions (although I very much doubt he's putting in the hours he claims to be), but I have an MS and busted my ass to get where I am. I'm not sure if he even has a high school diploma, slacks off at work, and cops a 'tude, and gets away with it all.

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