Monday, November 15, 2004

Things have been relatively calm on the not much blog material lately.

Lily seems fully recovered from her surgery 2 weeks ago. Other than the Frankenstein scar on her belly, you'd never know she had surgery. Starting tonight, we'll resume our daily walks. She's been so unhappy without them. The other night she sat up and begged to be walked. I felt like a meany for not taking her. We also found out she has doggy acne. We've been noticing lumps all over her body and at first thought they were tick bites (she gets similar lumps from them.) Nope, the vet says she has clogged sebacious glands aka zits.

Hubby is out of town this week for a homicide investigations class. I'm worried about being in the 3rd trimester with him gone, but at least he's only a few hours away and we have a list of friends I can call if necessary. Mom may even spend a night or two with me, although I'm not sure how well her roommate will handle it. It may not be worth the trouble.

Last night I had difficulty sleeping. It's weird not to have Hubby in the house, I wasn't feeling well with lovely intestinal cramps, and at one point, one of the cats woke me up and scared the bejeesus out of me. I woke up to weird staccato meows - she rarely meows unless hungry or upset, and a strange crinkling sound. I was afraid she was sick or distressed and had visions of another emergency vet visit. I bolted up in bed and realized she had sat down next to the bed purring. She had dragged her toy mouse into the bedroom for me and apparantly was announcing her catch. The weird sound was the bell on the mouse's tail dragging across the hallway tile.

The most recent big even was getting maced. Not directly, but close enough. Hubby and I were at another couple's house when it happened. Their son was in the den and started coughing and sneezing. The dad went to check on him, assuming he had sprayed some sort of cleaner. He told the kid to get to the shower and get ready for bed. Shortly after, the rest of us started sneezing and coughing, so the dad went back to the other room for further investigation. The "cleaner" turned out to be pepper spray/mace combo. And this isn't the first time the kid has maced himself.

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