Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm now in my third trimester. Holy shit, only 3 more months to go! Peanut moves a lot now. I feel him kicking throughout the day along with some quiet spells. When I go to bed, he really gets revved up for about 5 minutes with some major belly-shaking kicks, then settles down to little kicks and flutters.

I've been super cranky the past coupla weeks. I don't know if it's lack of sleep (I wake up several times a night to pee, in pain with leg cramps, burning with reflux, or because I'm roasting with 1-3 cats piled on me) or if I'm getting over the hurricane stress. Last night I was ready to strangle the dog within 2 minutes of taking her outside. She begged to go out (which usually means potty time) and all she wanted to do was sniff each and every damn blade of grass. Once I brought her inside, she ran to the front door indicating she wanted to go for a real walk around the neighborhood. It didn't happen, especially since I was already pissed at her.

I've also been super hungry. I can't believe my appetite now. Today I've had:
1 bowl of cereal w/milk
1 pita with tabouli (that shit's crack to me)
1 bag Chex mix (healthy, I know)
1 frozen dinner: fried chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, and peas & c's
1 nectarine

I also have a box of rye crackers that are calling my name and it's still 3 hours till dinner...nevermind, I'm already eating them, too.

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