Friday, March 23, 2007

My recent lunch breaks have been spent trying to escape thinking about Mom, working, and a few lunches out with friends. Hence no writing here.

Hubby spoke with his supervisor today about leaving the homicide unit. Last night was the first in a while that he's slept well. Just knowing he'll be getting away from all the stress was enough to quell the insomnia. A position in general crimes will be opening soon and we've got our fingers crossed.

Mom is terrible. She's off Kl0n0pin which has resulted in serious anxiety. Unfortunately, it's an anti-seizure medication in addition to its anti-anxiety properties, so she can't be on it while receiving ECT treatments. She's had two so far, and the hospital does them in a series of 6. So far, it hasn't done anything for her. I called the nurse this morning to see how the treatment went and she wound up putting Mom on the phone - the last thing I wanted. Mom's a mess. They're talking about releasing her early because Medicare won't pay for a long enough hospital stay. She can't (won't) go back to the ALF and the promising place in Hometown won't have a room until April or May. I can't cope with her, nor can I take the requisite days off for a series of outpatient treatments. The hospital requires someone to be with the ECT recepient for the whole day after a treatment. There's no way I want her around Peanut when she's scary and irrational.

I left a message for the social worker and am awaiting her call. I'm hoping she can put all this into perspective for me, and that the reality isn't as bad as Mom's perception.

Mom's evil cat is now residing on our back porch until we figure out what to do with her (Shovel and a bag of lime? Just kidding.) She snuck in while I let the dog out this morning and I spent a good 5 minutes chasing her hissing, mean ass around the house with a squirt bottle until she decided to go back on the porch. Apparently she bit/scratched several aides at the ALF. I've been on her sharp end and it's not pleasant.

Peanut tested positive for Strep at this week's follow-up. He's back on the Dur!cef and will be retested next week while he's still on the meds. I got tested today, just in case. We're not sure if he keeps getting reinfected or if he's carrying the damn bacteria. If he's still positive next week, an ENT referral will be in the works. At least we already have an ENT!

I need a fucking vacation. Good news: Dad and Stepmom are planning to visit in a month or two. I'm counting down already!

EDITED: I spoke to the social worker later and no one was threatening to Mom out of the hospital. What really happened: the doctor told her she can't stay indefinitely and needs to start preparing for when she's discharged.

If she goes into the residential treatment program, it will be voluntary, which means she can check herself out at any time. Greaaaaaat. I give it 3 days, tops.

My Strep test was negative.

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stefanierj said...

Oh, babe, I'm so sorry it's not going better. We were also the hive of contagion around here--pinkeye and croup, for pete's sake--so I feel some of your pain, but the parental unit goings-on are more than I think I could bear.

You're in our thoughts. I hope it gets better. Good luck to hubs in the transition...