Monday, March 05, 2007

When I visited Mom Friday night, she had swung into full-on manic phase. It's better than depression, but not good, either. We both talked to her social worker and then I talked with Mom. She agreed to give assisted living a month's trial stay (I wish she would give it longer) and I reminder her that I would come once or twice a week for lunch. She requested spending a weekend a month at our house and I agreed. We had talked about that before she moved, but we never set anything in stone. I reminded her that she needs to be kind and respectful of us when she visits.

Hubby and I went to see Wicked on Saturday. It was awesome. The ending surprised me - it's different from the book and isn't clear from the soundtrack. Hubby figured out some of the plot twists, but was surprised, too. Peanut had a great time with the babysitter - we left the car with a carseat for her to use, so they went to the park and out to eat. He avoided a nap (we assumed he would) and zonked out on the couch shortly after his usual bedtime - without a binky!

We went to an rc airshow yesterday and the boys had a blast. Peanut kept asking to look at the firetruck on standby. Hubby thought I was making it up so I could check out the firemen (not). One of the rc jest crashed and started a grass fire adjacent to the runway, so we got lights, sirens, honking horn, the works. Peanut loved it. He fell asleep in the car, sans bink, and went to bed without it, although he repeatedly asked for it, needed several drinks of water, Daddy to sit in the hallway, and extra "tisses" from Mommy.


WTF is with D!sney and their scary-ass G movies? I should've listened to my gut and not bought Nem0 for Peanut. We watched it last night (not the first time) and the sharks scared the shit out of him. He started to cry and kept saying "no big fish, no big fish". His daycare class watched it a couple weeks ago and I wonder if it scared him then, too.

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