Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Peanut tested negative for Strep today! Fingers are crossed that he’ll stay that way.

We’re making slow progress on the bedtime sitch. Last night I put him to bed, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar (aka Boo Boo Tummy Pillar, aka Fat Pillar), turned on his lullabye CD, gave several kisses, had Daddy come in for kisses, then turned out the light and went into the living room. Peanut called for Daddy and Mommy a few times, but STAYED IN BED! We haven’t needed the baby gate for a few nights, and each night the get-outta-beds have been fewer. Of course, nothing in life is free, and he’s been waking up and getting in our bed around midnight instead of 2 or 3 am now that Hubby is coming to bed earlier and isn’t up to soothe him when he fusses. I’m not really complaining, though.

Mom seems to be getting back on track. She waffled on continuing her ECT treatments, but the doctor and staff talked her into finishing out the course. On Monday she was convinced she needed to go into the short-term residential treatment program, so the social worker arranged for an assessment. When that social worker arrived on Tuesday, Mom wanted nothing to do with her until the hospital social worker forced her. "You wanted this, you will do it." By Tuesday night Mom was shifting more toward a manic state. I truly hate being around her when she’s like this. I don’t know how she’ll be from one phone call or visit to the next.

Mom put in her notice at the ALF this week. If she had done it when the social worker first asked her to, Mom would only be out a half-month’s rent, but now she’ll be out a full-month’s worth. Arrangements were made for Mom to move into the Hometown independent living place. During my lunch break I removed the last of her personal items from the ALF and a mover from Independent Living will move her furniture in a day or two. I hope this time she’ll like the living arrangement and give the place a chance. I doubt she will, but I’m through being yanked around. If she has another freak-out, she can go wherever the hospital refers her.

UPDATE: As I was writing this, the social worker called. Mom is having a bad day (normal for ECT days) and now wants to go into the residential treatment. She'll be transferred on Monday after her last ECT. Independent Living is out for now, but they have Mom's info on file. We'll see if they have anything available when Mom gets out of residential treatment. It could be a few days, it could be several weeks. Well, at least the ALF will be paid up through the end of April, so her stuff can stay there for now. She changes with the wind.

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