Monday, May 07, 2007

As the adage goes, every story has three sides: yours, mine, and the truth.

One day after daycare, as Hubby was asking Peanut about his day and his friends, Peanut said one classmate, G, was bad. Hubby probed and found out G had hit Peanut.

Later in the week, while Peanut and I were discussing his day, he said G was bad because G pushed him. Hubby and I became a bit concerned. Was G a budding bully?

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm with a couple of close strikes. Peanut was frightened by it. As we were driving home from dinner at Best Friend’s house, Peanut said he was afraid of lightning. We told him it’s OK to be afraid, and that if he sees or hears lightning/thunder he needs to go inside the house where it’s safe. We asked if he was afraid of anything else. Ghostlight, Big Banshee, and G came up. Oh shit. Peanut is afraid of his classmate? We asked why and got the same answers as before: G is bad because he hits and pushes.

Hubby talked to the teacher this morning. Yes, G does hit and push Peanut, but only when he brings his toy airplane to school (which he’s not supposed to do, since bringing toys from home incites rotten behavior). Peanut wanted to take an airplane again today, so Hubby explained that G wants to play with Peanut’s toys and that’s why he acts mean. Peanut finally gave up the toy, but told another parent that he was mad because Daddy took his jet.

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stefanierj said...

I know exactly what you mean in this story....I hate to call my kid a liar, but I know that, for instance, his buddy Brahim gets pushed as much as he pushes--though the teachers have instituted a kind of confessional pick-up routine, where D has to confess if he hit one of his friends or the teachers. I hope it's teaching him to be more gentle and responsible, but I dunno.....