Friday, May 04, 2007

When Peanut is sweet, I want to smother him with hugs. Last night was such a good night. He ate dinner without too much fuss, then played outside with Hubby while I did some cleaning. (Dad and Stepmom arrive tonight and I don’t want to be too embarrassed by our house. Dad is very neat and clean – European clean.)

The two of them sat on the couch and watched “Smallville” together while I finished cleaning and putzing around. Peanut asked for Superman all week – he loves the show as much as Hubby. Then they lay on our bed and watched cartoons so I could watch a show in the living room. When bedtime rolled around, Peanut admitted he was tired and wanted to sleep in Mommy’s bed. He was so polite, we gave in. Peanut let Hubby brush his teeth without a fight. He even smiled so Hubby could get the front ones. (It’s amazing what a bribe can do.)

Peanut and I settled into bed. We snuggled and had a conversation in whispers.

Mommy, close curtains. Fan on.

Big spider?

Daddy put the big spider outside so she can eat mosquitoes.

Bad skeetos. Skeetos bite. Spider eat bad skeetos.

Big spider good.

Black Spiderman bad.

Yes, but red Spiderman is good.

Black Spiderman bad. Red Spiderman good.

T Rex has big teef. T Rex in Mommy’s bed?

No, sweetie, T Rex is too big. He’s sleeping in your room.

T Rex too big. Airplane too big. Go night-night.



stefanierj said...

So sweet I think I lost a few teeth.

StaceyG said...

I'm toothless too! =)