Monday, May 14, 2007

The visit with my Parents was great, but too short. We did a whole lot of nothin’ for the weekend. The weather was too hot to be comfortable for much outdoor time, so we spent a good bit of time at the house. We also fed the ducks, went to the playground, and went to the store so Grammy and Grampy could buy Peanut some clothes. I planned on buying some Cars toys, but the G’s insisted on paying for them, too. Every night since, ALL 7 of the cars plus a bus and a jet accompany Peanut to bed. As soon as he falls asleep, we move them onto the floor. Flo’s fins are sharp and it’s a matter of time until Peanut rolls over onto her. Peanut has been asking for them at least once a day – he enjoyed their visit, too.

I temporarily upgraded my Classmatesdotcom account so I could see who's visited my profile and send some emails. I’ve been getting tantalizing messages stating that several people have signed my guestbook (or whatever it is). A couple of them were people I don’t know, including a guy that has a buff photo on his profile. Trolling for dates? Hello, my profile clearly states I’m married and have a kid. The photos reinforce it. Not looking. Another was an old boyfriend of Best Friend. I signed his guestbook and left it at that. He was a nice guy, but things got weird with them. One of my sorority sisters visited - she was my reason for going through the whole pledging process. Because of her, I realized not all sororities are filled with carbon copy snooty girls. She was a ton of fun to hang out with, but graduated after my first year at the transfer school. She had gotten married the year before I met her. I always thought it was a little crazy – her husband was in the military and had the attitude I’ve seen in a lot of military (and cop) men: selfish and an asshole to his wife. They must have divorced, which is no surprise. It turns out she signed up with classmates a few years ago, found her first boyfriend, and married him! I’m itching to hear about it. I sent her an email and maybe I’ll hear back.

The last visitor was my childhood best friend. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. I signed her guestbook then went back and wrote a quick email. She treated my like dogshit as our friendship ended, but that was some 20 years ago. Teens/tweens can be horrid to each other, and she may be a completely different person now. She wrote back and it turns out she has a family and moved back to our hometown several years ago. We've exchanged a few messages since. Who knows, maybe we’ll rekindle a friendship or a correspondence, maybe not.

Friday was Mother’s Day Lunch at daycare. It’s the first one I’ve gone to, since they didn’t have one last year, and the Peanut was an infant the first year. I was taking so much leave time then for illnesses, I decided to pass, not that he knew anyway. Of course, that didn’t stop me from feeling guilty.

It was sweet chaos. He ran up to me once I got there and asked to go bye-bye in Mommy’s car. He got upset when I explained we were there for lunch. I feared the worst when he shoved his lunch plate away, but he must’ve been hungry – he ate all his food, snatched some off my plate, ate part of his seconds, and finished off with cake. He was very well behaved and made conversation with me, the little girl across from him, and another mommy sitting next to him. I didn’t say much to the other moms – I don’t know any of them, although I did see Peanut’s “girlfriend’s” mom and said hi to her. I always feel like the outsider of a clique. I tried making eye contact with the mom across from me, but she didn’t seem very happy and avoided me. Oh well.

The weekend was a mixed affair. Hubby had training on Saturday, so we had the morning to hang out before he had to leave. We went to a camper supplier and looked at teardrop campers. OMG, I am in love. They have new ones for half price. We didn’t like either of their stock, one was too narrow, the other had a huge storage rack and is heavier than I’m comfortable with. They are tiny and would be perfect for us. Hubby’s going to talk to the owner since they're supposed to be getting another.

Peanut and I visited Mom Saturday evening. She’s worse, doesn’t want to eat, is isolating from the other patients, doesn’t want to bathe, is afraid of the group therapy room, and has missed at least one therapy meeting. She says she’s psychotic. I have no idea if she really is, if she’s convinced she is, or is looking for attention. She said she wanted me to take her home so she could stay with us and take care of Peanut on weekdays. Sure, I’ll let her crazy self take care of my toddler. What’s the worst that could happen? Peanut picked up on the bad vibe and asked if I was mad. How are little kids so freakin’ smart?

Mother’s Day was nice. Peanut was up at 7 and ready to eat, so Hubby made them breakfast while I slept in. They gave me two kickass dvds, “The Color Purple” and “Casino Royale”, and a simple, elegant bracelet. (Hubby, I really do like it. You did good!) We met up with BF and her family at the annual arts festival and baked in the heat while looking at some beautiful stuff. I scored a cool pair on seahorse earrings, and we dragged our sweaty selves home. Peanut and I splashed each other silly in the kiddy pool until thunder started. Hubby got to feeling lousy later in the day (bad festival sausage) so we kept the evening nice and low key.

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Sounds like a really nice Mother's Day!