Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I donated blood today for the first time ever! It wasn't bad at all. I've had a couple of lightheaded moments, but have felt fine otherwise. I felt guilty every time we have a blood drive and I didn't donate, especially since I'm the coordinator for our drives at work. Today I finally sucked it up, got over myself, and donated. Blood is always in short supply and for some reason, participation has dropped off over the past year or two. Did you know one donation can help 3 people? Or that if you live to age 72, there is a 95% probability you will need blood at some point? Or that every 3 seconds, someone needs blood? (Statistics provided by the local blood bank.)

Our camper frenzy continues! It turns out the heavier one in town was too close for comfort (only 100 lbs less than our tow limit). I called the manufacturer and found a dealer 2 hours away. The cost is a bit more, but they have the size we want. We were pre-approved for a loan today, Hubby is orderning the hitch, and a friend kindly offered to loan us his truck (which is actually Hubby's old truck that we sold to him. We've borrowed it several times) this weekend if we don't get a hitch in time. Woo Hoo! I am so freakin' pumped. We have an obligation Saturday evening, so we may be camping in the back yard.

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stefanierj said...

Honey, my parents just bought a class A rig and we will never keep them down on the farm again. Glad you'll be doing some camping.

And donating blood? I'm awful, but I thank my lucky stars I was in Poland for so long because it means I can't give blood---BUT I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE!! :) So good for you for doing it!!