Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Freakin blogger ate my post. Here goes again....

On Monday we had our sex scan - Peanut is a little boy! Daddy was very proud and took the pictures of Peanut's "peanut" to work to show off. Men are such goofs. He didn't care to take the other pictures, only the important one.

The scan was amazing. What a difference between a 10 week-old fetus and a 21 week-old. In the first scan he was just a bunch of blobs: a head, a body, and leg buds. This time around we could make out the whole body and limbs. Bones are visible all over the body: face, arms, legs, ribs, spine, feet, toes. The toes were incredible. We saw the chambers forming in the heart and the heart just beating away. We saw the kidneys and bladder. During the scan, Peanut was bouncing around and waving his arms and legs.

I was elated all Monday afternoon and yesterday. Today I've been having mild cramps all morning, although they seem to have subsided, and it's stressing me out. The doctor said it's normal to have some crampiness, but I haven't had it last so long since the very beginning of the pregnancy - before I even realized I was pregnant. I'm trying to relax and will see how I feel later in the day. I know I can always call the nurse.

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