Friday, August 27, 2004

I just read Dooce's most recent post. I hope she is well again soon, that the doctors can quickly figure out the right meds to quell her anxiety. Anxiety is a demon I've seen my mom battle, and it's a nasty one. But I also know that with time and the right drugs, it can be tamed.


This week, the critters have been keeping me entertained.

One of the cats has been occasionally shitting in the tub. I busted her hopping out of the tub the other morning, with a freshly laid turd inside. So, I did what any good pet owner would do and screamed at her. I guess she got the hint, because last night I found shit on the mat in front of our shower. Great. Crap in the tub was definitely better than crap on a floor mat that now needs to be bleached. I pray it doesn't decline into shit on the carpet.

Yesterday hubby bought a new brand of dogfood for Lily. She wan't at all enamored with the old kibble stuff, so hubby decided to try Pur!na Beneful. She ran happily to the dish when he poured it in. The cats were also interested. All 5 surrouned her like pirrhanas after a hapless monkey fallen into the Amazon. She cowered in front of the food bowl and looked at hubby as if to say in a whispery, scared voice: "Help me." Hubby tried for a repeat performance this morning, since I missed yesterday's matinee, but only 2 sharkcats were attracted to the bleeding bait. Lily still got the same sad look and it was priceless. I think she would've asked: "I don't have to give my food to them, do I?"

Our street has a new resident. A hawk. I think it may be a red-shouldered, but I'm not sure. I can never tell one raptor from the next. It's brown and mediumish sized. Yesterday, it was perched on the speed limit sign at the end of the street. I tried to get a picture, but I couldn't get close enough without scaring it away. This morning it was perched on the roof of a nearby house.

The folks from another lab came back with a tiny tortieshell kitten today. They had discovered it at a field site. No momma or other kitties were in sight, so they brought it back to the lab. Oh, it's a sweet little kitty. Hubby would kick my ass if I brought it home, and it's full of piss & vinegar and would probably tear the house apart, but it's so cute, dammit. The PI from that lab said he'll take it if noone else does. It's nice to know that some of the faculty are as big softies for critters as I am. I could her the little thing wailing earlier, so I'm going to sneak some meat from my lunch over to their lab. Shhhhh.

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