Thursday, August 19, 2004

This week has been an off week. I feel like I shouldn't even be complaining - my home, family, and friends are all safe. Many other people weren't so lucky in the wake of Charley. Several coworkers had severe damage to their homes, and a friend at work has her house full of family whose homes are currently uninhabitable.

The a/c hasn't worked all week in our building. All the other buildings are fine, it's just ours. Facilities just can't seem to get their brain around the idea that everytime the power goes out, our wonderful, 2-year-old a/c system goes down. They didn't even realize until Tuesday that it wasn't working. Hello? 95 degrees inside? Lightbulb, anyone? So yesterday the repair people came out and it was "fixed". It ran for, oh maybe half an hour, then quit. We actually cooled down to about 80-85 degrees. When someone from my lab called facilities their response was "Oh, it's fixed and working now. The repair guys were there earlier." How about you come and work in our sweltering lab, then you'll see how "fixed" it is.

Hubby is still working 12 hour night shifts directing traffic, guarding donated ice and water, and distributing said ice and water. Actually, nights are better than days because it's not as hot. Unfortunately, people drive like assholes day and night and he's nearly been hit several times. He gets Friday off, which of course is a day I'm at work. He probably won't make it to birthing class again this week and I know the teacher will have something to say about it. Sorry, but there are people in pretty bad shape, and our county needs all the help it can get to maintain order and get supplies to those that are without.

The final straw was last night when I got home. The dog had puke all over the livingroom. OK, it wasn't all over, but two huge puddles. The house stank. I got gaggy cleaning it up. Then I noticed she had also pooped on the carpet. I couldn't be mad since she was sick, but YUCK! So I took her outside where she pooped some more, then left her on the porch with water. I could tell she was still nauseous since she kept swallowing and smacking her lips and the porch is easy to hose off. I let her back in after an hour or so and we made it ok through the rest of the night. She's fine this morning. Hubby hadn't fed her any weird stuff, so we think she ate a rawhide chew and either choked on it or it just made her sick. No treats for her for a while.

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