Monday, June 26, 2006

I’m realizing that hectic & crazy is the new normal for chez selzach.

I left work early on Tuesday with a horrendous sore throat, fever, chills and aches. I’m not sure if it was viral or strep. My inner hypochondriac is debating calling the nurse to see if I should get checked out. Strep can occasionally lead to serious complications if untreated….a fact I had hammered into me as a child with strep frequent-flyer miles. I didn’t return to work at all last week.

Mom was admitted to the mental health unit last Tuesday. She called from the ER to ask for clothes. I sometimes get a kick out of her quirky way of thinking….”Please bring clothes cuz I’m being admitted to the unit and I didn’t bring any with me.”

Best Friend’s dad has been in and out of the hospital with a slow heart rhythm. His doctor thinks he needs a pacemaker, but the hospital wants to do more tests first. Why they aren’t keeping him in the hospital is beyond all of us. BF’s mom is handling things well, but she’s still recovering from her heart surgery last year, so she’s not in any condition to deal with stress. BF is a ball of nerves.

Hubby had 2 workdays lasting until 2-3 am, then a callout the next night sometime around midnight or 2 am, which he was thankfully able to handle via phone. Dragging my sorry sick ass around in an attempt to keep up with Peanut those nights was difficult to say the leas, especially the one night he threw a huge Daddy-withdrawal tantrum.

Peanut came home Friday with an imprint of another child’s teeth in his arm. Of course, daycare knew nothing about it. I’m beginning not to feel so bad about Peanut’s stealth smack-and-grab tactic to get desired toys at daycare. We don’t encourage him to hit or bite, and punish such behavior at home, but I’m secretly glad he’s no longer a sitting duck.

Saturday I went to Mar$hall$ while Hubby waited in the car with napping Peanut. While I was waiting in line to pay, I was glaring at a lady in the other line yakking on her cellie. Can’t you put the damned thing down for 5 seconds? Then realized she was talking about a funnel cloud. THE ONE THAT WAS VISIBLE OUT THE STORE’S FRONT EFFING WINDOW. I called Hubby, who had fallen asleep waiting in the parking lot and had no clue, left my stuff by the register, and we got the hell outta there. Luckily the funnel never touched down, but it was a close one. Ironically, we saw one just starting to form in almost the same area a couple years ago.

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