Friday, June 30, 2006

Peanut was absolutely adorable the other morning. As I was getting dressed, I heard him talking in his soft, sweet, sleepy voice. I waited for him to quiet down and snuck back into bed. After a little fussy spell, he settled down and started petting my hair. My heart could’ve melted. He’d reach over and gently pull his fingers through my hair. When it was time for us to get up, Peanut had fallen soundly asleep. He snored through his dipe change and finally woke up while I was dressing him. Once his outfit was on, he asked for “Dada dada?”, so we trotted out to the kitchen for Daddy hugs. After his snuggle quota was filled, he happily sat on the couch for breakfast. We sat, cuddled, ate cereal, and watched tv. He even brushed his teeth and helped me put on his socks and shoes. We had several kisses and bye-bye waves when it was time to go.

I love that kind of morning.

This morning he cried while getting dressed, only wanted Daddy to sit with him at breakfast, and finally settled on sausage after swatting away the cereal bowl and spitting out mouthfulls of toast. I didn’t even bother trying to brush his teeth. When he and Hubby left, he was still mad at me for taking the blankie away (he already has one in the car), and refused my goodbye kiss. At least I got a quick wave.

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