Friday, June 09, 2006

Holy cow, I just realized I went to college with the husband of another blogger. She has some family pictures posted and he looked very familiar. He's the second person I've come across in the blogging world that went to my alma mater. Flea is the other, although she graduated the year before I transferred in.

I recently had another blast from the past. A coworker has been trying to talk me into attending a scientific meeting with her this summer. I've been to the meetings before and they are excellent. The only problem is the $450 registration plus airfare, hotel, and food, not to mention I haven't been away from Peanut for more than 2 nights and I'm not ready for anything longer. My boss will only pay for meetings when we're presenting papers or posters and he generally saves the expensive meetings for students or post-docs. So it's a no go.

Coworker found a pamphlet for the meetings and showed it to me, as a final attempt to lure me in. There will be some great topics and a couple of short courses which would be relevent to my work...but I'm not going. While perusing the pamphlet I came across a picture of none other than Crazy Roommate. Coworker wanted to see it, of course and decided Crazy Roommate looked mean. So another coworker took a look and deemed her "agressive looking". Heh.


We've been heroically fighting yet another intestinal bug at Chez Selzach. It's a sneaky repeating one. You think you're good, then it hits again. So far Hubby and I have each had two rounds and hope that's it. Peanut had round 1 yesterday...just as we pulled up to daycare, he puked all over himself and the carseat. I mopped up as best I could with his blankie, opened the windows, and turned around for home. Round 2 - TBA.

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