Friday, June 16, 2006

The other night, Hubby was called out to a big metro hospital. A homicide detective being called out to a hospital is never a good sign. It indicates a high probability the victim will die and the death will be investigated as a homicide. Once Hubby left the neighborhood, I heard the sirens go on. A really bad sign.

The woman was in critical but stable condition. Hubby stayed until his supervisor approved him to leave. The woman is awake now and doing amazingly well considering she was nearly killed and underwent a leg amputation.

She had stopped at a convenience store and a shitbag noticed her keys in her car. She saw him and ran after him. So he gunned the gas and dragged her against another car, then a barrier, nearly severing her leg.

The cops found the guy last night and arrested him. He has a long record, was out on bond for another violent case, and apparently doesn’t give two shits about what he’s done. How does someone become so callous they would kill another person just for a free car?

Today was the funeral for the newborn baby found about a month ago. I have noticed Safe Haven signs in front of several local fire stations. Maybe the county realized how poorly advertised the Safe Haven law was.

All in all, I’m feeling low today. PMS is kicking my ass and several little things are nagging at me.

Hubby has to work late again tonight. He has only come home at regular time one night this week. He also got word that his agency is concerned about all the overtime the homicide detectives have been working. This year has been their busiest yet and the detectives are working anywhere from 10-80 hours overtime in each 2-week pay period. I hope the agency doesn’t start cutting their overtime pay. We don’t budget for that money in our regular expenses, but most of it ends up going to bills anyway.

Coworker who supervises our student workers was out sick yesterday. I mistakenly thought the kids work Fridays, so I told a professor to expect one student to be here today with supplies from her dad’s business. I found out at 5pm yesterday that she doesn’t work Fridays and called the prof back. He wasn’t happy.

I called the other student yesterday morning (he works afternoons) and told him not to come in, but that coworker was expecting to be back today and I’d call him if things changed. The student assumed I was telling him to come in to work today, so he showed up this morning. If he had only told me he doesn’t work Fridays, I would have told him not to worry about it and see ya Monday. Coworker was confused (and annoyed to have to find work for the kid), the kid was annoyed, and I felt like an idiot.

Communication in our lab often sucks and I hate getting caught in the middle with my ass hanging out.

Someone hit the brick sign at our neighborhood’s entrance. Hubby called the sheriff’s office last night to see if a report was filed and if they knew who did it. It was a freakin’ hit and run which means the repairs will come out of our HOA money. Since they already spend out all the dues each year, I have a feeling the dues will go up, unless they decide to just tear the whole sign down.

Hubby and I think it was someone in the neighborhood who hit the sign…you’d have to be turning onto the entry road to even hit it.

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stefanierj said...

OMG, we are totally on the same cycle. And we're just emailing each other--think if we lived near each other! I'd have to call you and ask permission to ovulate! :)

Hope this week is better.