Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I’ve seen several memes that ask for the first 10 songs to randomly come up on your mp3/Ipod. I’m nosy and love to know what other people listen to. Musical taste tells a lot about the person. It’s also a fun way to hear about new artists.

Here goes:

Owner of a Lonely Heart – Yes I love to rock out to this song. It brings me back to middle school and spankin’ new MTV. We didn’t have cable, so I think I was at my friend Dawn’s house the first time I saw the video. She and I went our separate ways after I learned she was of the shoplifting persuasion. I never ratted on her, but I was way too uptight and proper for that sort of thing.

These Words – Natasha Bedingfield I discovered this song during my middle of the night milk pumping sessions. The video is adorable and the song so upbeat, it always helped me feel a teeny bit better about being up at 2 am or 4 am or both. OK, not really.

Sound System – Operation Ivy One of Hubby’s downloads. I know nothing about the band, but the song has a great punkish ska sound.

Send the Pain Below – Chevelle I like the song but don’t have anything else to say about it.

Headhunter – Front 242 Takes me back to high school. I can’t remember if it was my loser then-boyfriend or one of my best friends who introduced me to this song. It makes me think of the dive teen club we used to frequent.

Night and Day – Fred Astaire Fred does a fine performance, but it pales in comparison to Ella Fitzgerald’s. Hubby and I disagree on which version is better. Yes, we enjoy Fred, Ella, Nina Simone, and Nat King Cole. Classic stuff. You got a problem with that?

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day As much as I like Green Day, I own none of their albums. They always remind me of Hubby’s friend Troy, who I met in college when Hubby and I started dating. Troy and I also shared strong dislike for another friend’s girlfriend and loved to talk trash about her. (She and the guy later married and within 6 months she had an affair with her W@l-M@rt coworker and left her husband. Good riddance.) I think Troy’s first tattoo (or his second or third) was the Green Day flower. He still rocks out with a band and I wonder how many tattoos he has now and if his hair color still changes monthly.

Summer – Joe Hisaichi This is the theme song from the Japanese film Kikujiru, Hubby used the song on a dvd of clips from Peanut’s first few months. The song still brings images of tiny little preemie peanut, arms and legs wiggling all over the place. I get teary-eyed whenever I hear it.

Wonderboy- Tenacious D I nearly pooped my pants when I learned this is Jack Black’s band. This song and Tribute crack me up, but the rest of the album is a little too lowbrow even for me. Oh my virgin ears. I know, you’d think with a potty mouth like mine, those sorts of themes and lyrics wouldn’t bug me, but they do. I realize the whole edgy, off-color, non-pc deal is Jack’s schtick, but it’s too sexist for my taste. Actually, this reminds me of why I stopped listening to morning radio talk shows. A couple years ago, one stupid dj was talking about Linkin Park and how they started banned stage diving at their shows because female fans were complaining about being groped. I was so proud of them for actually treating their female fans with respect. The stupid dj’s comment was “Shouldn’t the girls expect it?” That’s when I finally said eff it and permanently switched over to NPR.

Peaches – Presidents of the USA Hubby and I used to sing this to Peanut whenever we’d feed him peach baby food. It primarily makes me think of grad school, though. I originally heard it on the local alternative station during my first year there. They played great stuff that wasn’t too out there, but wasn’t overplayed on the bigger stations (like Atlanta’s 99X – also a rockin’, albeit more commercial, station). On April Fool’s Day, they changed format to country. I was all “Haha motherfuckers you got me” until April 2 rolled around, my alarm went off, and it was still country. Apparently the college town that spawned REM and the B-52s couldn’t support an alternative station. Whatever.

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