Tuesday, December 23, 2003

When I was in grad school I had this crazy roommate. At first she and I were friends and when my original roommate decided to move in with her boyfriend, the crazy one moved in. I think things started to really go bad with her after she dated an acquaintance of hubby (who was still my boyfriend at the time.) She, hubby, and I were hanging out together one weekend and happened to run into the acquaintance at a bar. She and he hit it off, began dating, then she began showing her nasty side, so he started treating her like crap, then dumped her. Which she then held against hubby. So she started messing with us, telling him that I was flirting like mad with other men and telling me that he was calling her for advice because he thought I was cheating. Eventually he and I figured out what she was up to and that combined with a plethora of other nasty shit she did led to the end of our friendship. But we were cosigners on a lease and by that point I only had a couple months left till my thesis would be finished and I could escape. So I placed ads in the campus paper for someone to sublease from me. CR (Crazy Roommate) didn't approve of anyone...one was "too Chinese" (did I also mention that CR was racist?), and one didn't look fun enough and another was too strange....

One evening we had another potential victim lined up and CR was going to be home to show her around. I happened to get hungry and decided to leave the lab to run home for a bite to eat. Before I left, I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. I see muddy pawprints all over the sink and smeared on the mirror. This baffles me since the cat is strictly an indoor cat. Did CR let him out? Then I notice the toilet lid is up and "muddy" pawprints are all over the seat, too. CR had taken a big shit, plugged the toilet, and since she rarely washed her hands, did not stay in the bathroom long enough to notice. The cat had fallen into the shit toilet and spread the mess ALL OVER THE TOILET AND SINK AND MIRROR. I considered leaving the mess with a note for CR, but remembered that my chance for escaping my lease was coming later that night, so I cleaned and disinfected the bathroom myself, then washed the cat as best I could. I never told CR about the incident because I had no idea how to even bring up the subject.

The potential victim didn't even sublease from me. I cleaned up all that shit for no reason. But I did eventually bargain with the landlord and got out of the lease.

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