Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So, here's my first entry. I haven't kept a journal since probably college. As a kid I was big into writing in my journal...I should go through my Mom's storage and dig the old diaries out sometime. Anyway, I have no idea what this will evolve into. Hopefully something interesting. I've read some really cool blogs which inspired me to make the effort and start one.


Recently the hubby and I went to his family's for an early holiday celebration. It was the only time he and all his sisters and their families could be there at once, so we all went. I was really looking forward to going. Both younger sisters have little babies, and it would be the first time we got to see our soon-to-be 1-yr-old nephew as well as our brother-in-law (no we don't see them very often.) I was excited to catch up with them and maybe try to work on a friendlier relationship with my sibs-in-law. I'm an only child, so I've always thought it would be cool to have a sisterly relationship with them. But, I've slowly learned that's probably not going to happen. None of them seem particularly interested in having more than a superficial, acquaintace-type relationship and I'm just too damn introverted to make a big effort. The visit pretty much consisted of them telling hubby what to do/how to do whatever they were telling him to do, peppered with the occasional argument or civil discussion. And the obligatory, "So, when are you all having a baby?" and "It's your turn next. Haw haw."

Generally we only hear from the oldest and youngest when they need something. We get along best with the middle sister, but they informed hubby that they wouldn't be exchanging gifts with us this year as they are too poor (after showing off gifts they bought for various nieces and nephews and after they had taken a trip check out 4-wheelers) and if we wanted to get anything, just buy something for the baby. Bitter? Yeah, I am.

By my links you can probably guess that I love cats. That would be correct. Hubby and I have 7 cats & 1 dog. Yep, we're a little crazy. I'm also a FEMINIST... the other F-word.

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