Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well, since nothing exciting is going on in my life right now, I thought I'd continue on the in-law stuff. Not to say that my family doesn't have it's share of dysfunctionality - it does and I'm sure I'll get to that in the future.

As much as I gripe, I truly do like most of the in-laws. The parents are great and I get along really well with them. Hubby's dad and step-mom are as sweet as can be. His mom is like the stereotypical New Englander* - she takes a while to warm up to new people, but once she does, she's awesome.

More griping: at the big gathering I was in line for was a big group of 25-30 folks crammed into the house. Uncle Preacher starts talking to me. Uncle Preacher is one of those loud types that is always picking on someone and apparently likes to know everyone's business.

Uncle Preacher: "I heard your mom's not been well. Sorry to hear."

Me: "Thanks for your concern."

Uncle Preacher [loudly enough for EVERYONE to hear] : "Is it CANCER?"

Me [loudly]: "No, she's bi-polar and has been having serious problems with depression. But she's currently at an assisted living facility and seems to be doing better."

The conversation ends.

WTF? Why did he have to be so frickin loud that everyone could hear. And why, when I told him she had a big-bad mental illness, did the conversation end? Is it not a "real" illness? Did I actually embarrass him? (I hope so.) That shit just pisses me off.

Later that night when hubby's nieces left, they just walked out the door and didn't even say goodbye. Real nice.

*This was a big surprise for me since I am a New Englander and hubby's family is Southern and I expected the stereotypical "Southern Hospitality" that I had been told about.

On another note, my building at work is under construction. The original exterior wasn't sealed properly, so now some of the metal underlay is rusting out. They're putting on a new exterior and the chorus of drills and hammers is driving me crazy. And we haven't had A/C for 2 weeks now.

successfully added comments. Yay. Too bad I haven't told anyone about my blog yet.

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