Saturday, December 27, 2003

We survived Christmas, yay!! Actually, it was a good one! Mom stayed a couple days with us, which was both nice and a pain in the ass. I'm glad we could have her and I know she's glad for a reprieve from the A.L.F. But, she always sees the negative side to EVERYTHING which gets old very, very quickly. It's the holiday season, I have a week off from work for the first time ever, and I don't want anyone to piss on my parade. I'm happy and relaxed and want to stay that way, dammit. She also has an annoying habit of talking to the TV. Hubby began calling her "Rainman" (after Dustin Hoffman's character). She was watching something suspensful, and every 30 seconds or so we'd hear a very loud "Oh no" or "Uh Oh" or sucking of teeth, or otherwise annoying commentary.

But we did really have a great holiday. We went to Christmas Eve service with friends and it was a beautiful ceremony without pressure to attend their church. On Christmas day, we dropped by our friends' house and got to see them and their family, all of whom are a really nice bunch. Their little girl has been very sick, but was doing well that day and was running around all excited, so it was great to see her happy and acting like a normal healthy little kid. We had a great dinner at home with Mom and some other friends dropped by later on that evening. And we got lots of cool gifts!!

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