Monday, December 29, 2003

Today I tackled painting "the library". It's actually an extra bedroom, but also contains bookshelves with most of my books. I picked a warm, earthy brown color and love love love it! Tomorrow I'll do a few touchups during daylight and then I'll be done! The damn knock-down texture is a pain in the ass to paint, but we did surprisingly well as far as getting good coverage over most of the walls and relatively few oopsies on the ceiling and trim. I'm so happy, I may even tackle the guest bedroom this week with a nice sagey green. Now if only hubby could get over obsessing about the horror of getting paint on the carpet.

I bought a pair of jeans today and blew the rest of my spending money. Tried the Gap first. Holy shit, jeans run from $40-60 there. I remember them being maybe $30 when I was in high school and they always had some on sale for $20 or less. Thank goodness for Old Navy - aka Gap Cheap. I'm being bad and pretending I don't know about their sweatshop child labor shit.

I also spent my B&N gift certificate the other night. I got "The Beauty Myth", "Woman An Intimate Geography", and "The Feminine Mystique". One of these days I'll work myself up to some heavier feminist reading.

So far, my week off has been pretty slow...just the way I want it. I finally have time to sit and read, take the dog for a decent walk, and do NOTHING!

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