Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool! StaceyG considers me a

Thanks, Stacey!

These are 5 bloggers who I think fit the bill:

Mommymatic who can take the mundane and make it hilarious. And I think our sons were separated at birth.

Cheeky who is a kickass mama to two little boys. She balances single motherhood, her artistic endeavors, and work.

Mountain Mama who followed her (and her family’s) dreams to live in the mountains. She’s had some wonderful surprises along the way.

Dawn, the guru of child development. And creator of several wonderful blogs.

Redneck Mommy who doesn’t hold back.


Cheeky said...

I'm so honored! Thanks for thinking of me. :-)

stefanierj said...

OH MY GOD!! It *has* been awhile since I've been around. You are too sweet!

And you are SOOO rockin'. I love reading selzach and I'm so glad we found each other way back when.