Monday, July 02, 2007

You know you live in redneck country when a 4-wheeler speeds down the road in front of your workplace complete with a dude up front and his barefoot girlfriend on back. And it looks like they’re planning to continue onto the 4-lane divided highway up the road.

You know you really live in redneck country when upon hearing this story, your husband’s reply is “Oh, that’s nothing. THIS is redneck…”

Hubby, his sergeant, and assorted other emergency vehicles, including an ambulance, were at the scene of something-or-other next to a gas station. A lady pulls up to one of the pumps on a 4-wheeler. With her 3 kids piled on back. She proceeds to fill ‘er up while SMOKING A CIGARETTE.

Really, really dumb thing to do. And even dumber to do it in front of cops.

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StaceyG said...

That is pretty stupid. We've been witness to people being dumb in front of cops here lately. One asshat turned right from a left lane RIGHT IN FRONT of a police car (in plain view). Needless to say, they got pulled over.