Monday, July 02, 2007

There is one vendor I can’t stand dealing with (for work.) Their customer service is crap, unless you’re buying something expensive, when suddenly they fall over themselves trying to help.

On an average year, our lab spends about $8-10 grand with them. I’m sure that’s small peanuts, but when you add up all the labs at Big University who do business with them, it probably runs into the millions. One would think that sort of business would inspire decent service.

We purchased a specialized piece of equipment from them a few years ago. The cost could have funded a small house. We received multiple phone calls and emails each week while in the process of getting specs, quotes, and finally ordering the thing. With the purchase came a $1500 credit account to purchase consumables. Once the machine arrived, our rep fell off the face of the earth. It took MONTHS to get the credit account set up.

To sweeten the deal further, shipping ran from $50-$75 per order. For items on ice or which required no special handling. (I can get shipments on dry ice for less from other companies.)

So, I’ve been trying to get samples for two kits for a week. Each kit retails for about $750.00, and we don’t know how they’ll work, so we want to test them out before purchasing one. With most companies, you get samples for free or a small fee with a simple call. Not with them. I was forwarded to the sales rep’s voice mail. Heard nothing for nearly a week. Emailed him. Got a response that his colleague in another department already handled it. Wrote back that I haven’t heard anything from said colleague.

Finally, I actually got a phone call from the rep. He said he'd make sure I get the samples for free. He knew which lab I was from and noted we have been good customers.

The samples arrived the next day. Missing a box of reagents. Back to email it is....

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stefanierj said...

UGH--what is it with customer service these days?? Like, do these people just NOT WANT MY MONEY?? I don't get it....hang in there.