Friday, July 27, 2007

Hubby is much happier to be on patrol. The stress is less, hours more predictable, and he feels like he’s making a difference rather than being involved after the fact. That’s not to say he didn’t feel satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment getting a confession from a killer, but by then someone is already dead.

His detective experience has made him more proactive as a beat cop. He often goes a little further in trying to find people or get info when he’s on a call. In the span of a week, he arrested two sets of kids for possession of guns. Who knows if they would have done anything with them, but he feels better that the guns were removed and the kids got a little scare into them.

He also helped prevent a murder (a man hid in a place he knew his ex would be and planned to snipe her) and arrested another man who assaulted his ex with the intent of killing her, but was unable to do it.

It worried me that he deals with shitbags like this on a daily basis - people do not value life. At the same time, it relieves me that he gets them off the streets. I hope the two men who planned murders go away for a long, long time.

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