Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bean is 9 months old today. He is such a little love, full of warm baby-smell, smiles, cackles, and tongue-sticking-out cuteness. He’s so close to cruising. Not that he needs to – he can crawl like a flash. He’s so funny when he’s in a hurry. He gets ahead of himself and his knees go askew.

Hubby and I can’t help but compare and contrast him to his older brother, who at this stage was scooting, not crawling, had no teeth, and wasn’t even pulling up (I think). Big brother also needed much more attention and cuddling. Bean likes to be held, especially when he’s tired or not feeling well, but he quickly wants down so he can play. He loves to eat, as did his big brother. Come dinner time, he will let you know he wants food, not a bottle. He sometimes fights sleep, but not like Peanut, who only in the past year or so has gotten better about going to bed.

I also can’t help but contrast their births. Both were good, just different. Peanut was early, Hubby was out of town, and I was frightened, especially not knowing if Hubby would make it to the hospital in time (he did). Once I got to the hospital I had horrible nausea and vomiting that was only somewhat controlled until I had the epidural. Afterwards, I felt so much better and in control. I was able to relax and focus on the good. Pushing was a joke, since I could barely feel, but the end result was fine. Being allowed to hold Peanut before he was taken to the NICU was a time I’ll always cherish. We didn’t know how he would do at birth and we were so thankful he was strong and healthy.

I’m glad my mom was there to witness the birth of her first grandchild. That she was able to meet him as he entered this world. The room was full of people, the OB, nurse, neonatalogist, and the neonatalogy team. It was abuzz.

Bean’s birth was so different. Only Hubby, the OB, and 2 nurses were present (I’m not sure if the second nurse was even in the room when Bean was born. He was in and out during labor). I didn’t have the constant horrible nausea. The pain was overwhelming, but the nurse was wonderful at helping me breathe through the contractions. Shortly before pushing, I remember my belly vibrating during the peak of each contraction. It was an incredible feeling. And the urge to push – something I never had with Peanut. There was no way not to do it. With each push, the pain subsided. Amazing. Once Bean was close to birth, I could feel him moving down. Again, something I didn’t experience with Peanut.

The room was so quiet and peaceful with Bean’s birth (other than me groaning while pushing). Once the OB left, the nurse left Hubby and me alone with Bean, who had easily latched on. We spent a good 30 minutes quietly together, getting to know one another.

Happy nine months, little guy.

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