Thursday, March 05, 2009

To say the car has bad mojo is an understatement. It’s roughly 3.5 years old and so far:

I rear-ended someone. Barely scratched his fender and caused some cracking and buckling on mine. Other driver didn’t want to involve police or even trade info. Went our merry ways with no further problems.

Hubby ran off-road to avoid a stopped car and hit a mailbox, scratching up both doors on the passenger side.

I was rear-ended. We traded info, but didn’t call the police. That accident resulted in enough damage that would have warranted a police report. What initially looked like minor damage to the back cargo door ended up with the door and innards being replaced to the tune of several grand. All paid for by his insurance.

And today. Hubby was at the bank with Peanut, on their way to the zoo. As he was pulling out, a kid came flying through the parking lot and hit his front. Everyone is OK. Apparently the hood and front end are messed up. Am awaiting a follow-up call with more details. Damn straight Hubby called to report it. I hope the kid has insurance and we get a loaner car during repairs. We're not sure how the fault will sort out being in a parking lot and all. Sigh.

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