Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thursday night did not get any better.

Hubby spoke with our claims person. The other driver had already called and bitched at her, wanting his repairs paid in full. With a check cut that day. Whatever. We hope his craptastic attitude works in our favor.

Our vehicle ended up with just over $5K worth of damage. We need a new hood, bumper, radiator and some other bits. Our car should be ready in about a week and a half. For somebody who claims he wasn't at fault, the other driver sure caused a lot of damage. Hubby estimates he was doing about 35-40 mph. Hubby was going 5-10 tops. The other guys was going fast enough that he still travelled past two parked cars after hitting ours.

I noticed Bean wheezing pretty badly that night. He had an @lbuterol treatment and continued wheezing with the addition of rapid breathing (anywhere from 60-80 breaths/minute). He and Hubby took a trip to the ER. He was doing better by then, but they still gave him a couple more treatments and steroids. He follows up with our pediatrician tomorrow. We never know how serious it is because he's such a happy and active baby. Even when hospitalized with RSV and not-great oxygen sats he was still pink and active.

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