Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm getting over an icky cold. I went home early from work on Monday and stayed home yesterday. It felt awesome to hibernate on the couch under a fuzzy blanket. Today I'm still sniffly and tired, but no longer hacking up my lungs and the scratchy throat is gone. Last night I took Ny-Quil gel caps about an hour before bed. Within 30 minutes I could barely keep my eyes open. Damn, that stuff rocks. I don't remember the syrup being so hard core.

Mom moved back into her place this weekend. Hubby and I installed her washer, but the drain is backing up and the dryer needs a different plug than the replacement one we bought. Hubby also replaced a leaky faucet, so everything's pretty much functional now. She and her housemate seem to be getting along well and the cats have really taken to the housemate. They sleep on her bed at night. Next week they're all going to stay at the housemate's place, so I guess this weekend I'll be schlepping the two ladies, two cats, and assorted gear across town. As long as Mom is healthy and functional, I'm really not too bothered playing chauffeur (although it would be nice if they'd pick one place to stay).

The 2nd bath at home is having big issues. I plugged the toilet yesterday (I swear I didn't flush that much tp), then I got it seemingly unplugged, then it plugged again, the sink and tub started backing up, and now everytime we use the kitchen sink, the bathroom drains start gurgling. Time for the plumber...again. Last time he couldn't find anything wrong and blamed it on air bubbles in the sewer line from laundry detergent. Ummmm...whatever.

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