Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I found out today that the woman who had a brain tumor removed is not doing well. She has additional tumors in her brain and lungs. She's undergoing radiation treatment and if she survives that will undergo more chemo. The outlook is bad. It's not fair.


As I mentioned a few posts back, spring has arrived. The ospreys are nesting, and an unfortunate pair has chosen a utility pole on the campus where I work. The power lines are dangerously close to the top of the pole, and there are several transformers on it as well. Not a safe nesting site. Last year another pair attempted to nest there and had a decent nest started until one of them was electrocuted. No one knows if the bird was struck by lightning, or if it crossed lines, but a coworker heard the boom and later found a charred carcass. I called Hogs & Frogs (that would be Game & Wildlive to you civvies) who referred me to the power company. The power company may try to do something in the next millenium or so, but claim their attempts at deterring ospreys are fairly futile, and that once a nest is in place, it's illegal to move or destroy it. I understand all this, which is why I called yesterday, immediately after I noticed an osprey with a clump of Spanish moss making the foundation for a nest.

I'm just waiting for the inevitable. :(

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