Thursday, February 19, 2004

The University of Colorado's football team is deep in the mire of rape allegations. A former kicker for the team, alleged that a teammate attempted to rape her, so the coach's response was to talk about what a horrible player she was. Of course, now that he's on administrative leave, he has apologized for his remarks that were "misinterpreted" or "taken out of context". Yeah, whatever. Dissing a woman and talking about what a crappy player she was is always a great way to dodge rape allegations. So if she had been a better player, would he have taken her seriously? Several other women also claim they were assaulted, and the team's use of strippers and an escort agency to recruit new players has come into light. One of the victims told the coach about the assault shortly after it happened, and his response was that he would back his player 100%.

When is this bullshit ever going to end? Why are athletes, especially male athletes, treated like gods? Yeah, I know it comes down to the almighty dollar that these teams bring in to their schools. I just can't understand the whole culture of athletics. Using strippers and prostitutes to lure in players? Why do they even need to use sex to attract new recruits? You'd think the coaches would realize it's not a good idea.

I've also been thinking about the Kobe Bryant case. It seems that the media and his defense team have done whatever they can to drag the victim's name through the mud and discredit her. Yet we've heard that he cheated on his wife, which to me shows a lack of respect for women. Even if the victim is bipolar, or has had an active sex life, or whatever the media is hyping up now, that doesn't mean that she's lying. Rape is rape is rape. When the hell are we going to wake up? When are men going to learn that they don't have any entitlement to women. When are they going to understand "No"?

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