Monday, February 23, 2004

Last night was the final episode of Sex and the City. I was sad to see it end. It was my absolute favorite show. I can't remember when or why I started watching it - I think it was during the 2nd season and it had either been recommended to me or the commercials caught my eye. Anyway, it must have been around the time hubby and I moved and got cable with HBO, which I faught against because I felt like it was a big waste of money. Now I can't survive without freakin' HBO. Six Feet Under starts again in June or July and I'm anxiously awaiting another season of Carnivale.

Back to Sex and the City. Even though the show has its flaws: no diversity among the 4 women as far as race, sex, size, or economic status - they range from upper middle to upper class; I never understood how Carrie could afford all her Manolos and pay rent (although I think in one episode it was revealed that her apartment was rent-controlled), they each can be annoying, especially Charlotte with her almost-always-a-lady attitude, and Carrie's boughts of whining, I absolutely love the show and the friendship between the 4 characters.

I love how all 4 women support one another, how they all pulled together with Samantha during chemo and her battle against breast cancer, how they all eventually supported Carrie and her move to Paris, even though none wanted her to go, and their weekly brunch get-togethers. I've never had a group of such good friends. The closest I have are the 3 girlfriends from high school that I still keep in touch with. They live halfway across the country from me, but we all try to get together when I go back to visit family. I occasionally see them when they take vacations in my part of the country, but money and jobs get in the way. And we've all grown up and have our separate lives.

The ending to the show was good. I'm glad Carrie decided to go back to New York. She gave up her whole life as she knew it - her job, her friends, her home - to move to Paris and be (as my mom would put it) a kept woman. Not a good idea. As great as Alexsandr seemed while in New York, his art would always be first in his life. The slap made me angry - was is an accident or intentional? Why did that have to be in the script? And why did Carrie and Big find it funny later? There's nothing funny about someone being hit. I'm glad Samantha finally opened up to Smith, and that Charlotte and Harry finally know that they'll be able to adopt. I'm glad the Miranda has also opened up to Steve and that she's willing to make compromises with him, but a part of me was sad by that, too. What's wrong with an independent woman? I know marriage is about partnership and compromise, but I liked the stubborn, do-it-her-way Miranda. And Big's real name was a dissapointment - it just didn't fit. Although there were things to nit-pick, the ending was a good one. Each of the four women found the love they were looking for - whether it was love for themself, love with a companion, love with family, or the love of friends.

I'm truly going to miss the show.

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