Monday, May 03, 2004

Arrgh, we're having power interruptions at work again. Nothing like sitting at the computer, having everything shut off and the backup battery alarm to make you jump. I'm just waiting for the nasty alarm on an incubator next door to start buzzing. It's horrible. We had a brownout/outage last week that seems to have fried our VERY EXPENSIVE incubator. The one that's already been fixed twice in the 3 or so years we've had it. The one that costs at least a grand every time. The piece o'shit will not keep to it's set temp but instead likes to warm up to a nice stifling 30C. If I was growing enterobacteria (gut bacteria - the lovelies like E. coli) all would be good. But I'm not. I'm giving the fucker another day, then I'm calling the repair company. Oh joy.

I'm switching to a new OB/GYN. In order to even get an appointment with her, I had to go in this morning for a blood test. If it comes back positive they'll schedule me - and they don't usually do a first appointment till 10 weeks when they do the ultrasound. So, when I call back, I have a ton of questions, like can I stay on the Paxil (old doc said it was fine while I was TTC, but if I got pregnant, we'd have to see) and I've had the trots all weekend and am a little concerned about that. I'm also having pains when I move/stretch certain ways. I know it can be a sign of an ectopic, but it may just be from my whacked-out bowels, or leftover owies from the cysts. And I'm trying to do all this stuff on the sly, because I don't want to tell the boss until after the first trimester is over. Which is hard, since his office is attached to the lab, and the weather is lightning-y shit, so I really don't want to play lightningrod on my cell outside.

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