Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The blood test came back positive - it's official! My first appointment isn't for another month, but I spoke to the doctor and everything seems OK so far. I freaked yesterday when I started spotting, but she said it's normal and OK as long as the blood is not bright red. She also wants me to wean off the Paxil. I skipped yesterday's dose and I feel very sleepy and twitchy today. I may take a dose tonight or wait till tomorrow.

This weekend, hubby and I went to an RC airshow. It was my first and a lot of fun. One of the models was an AWAC, complete with a rotatating radar dish. There were all sorts of planes and even jets, with real miniature jet engines. From what I've heard, those suckers run around $6-10K each. Most of the models had little pilots in them, many of which resembled the plane's owner. Too cute.

My family has a cool history with RC planes. My uncle was a world champion RC glider pilot (page 6 of the link). He and his team designed and built their champion plane, "The Gobbler". Sadly, he died of colon cancer when I was 12. I really wish hubby could have met him - I think the two of them would've had a lot in common.

Things at the show were fine until a coworker of hubby's showed up with his two boys. Said coworker is sexist and racist and will spout off whatever pops into his head regardless of whether it might hurt/offend someone. He treats his wife like crap (as evidenced by multiple phonecalls hubby has overheard at work.) He also is heavy handed with the boys. The younger boy is maybe 5 years old. He was being a little whiney, but not totally obnoxious. So coworker told him to stop and slapped him on the face. This caused the little guy to start crying, so coworker stuck his fist in little boy's face and pulled out the old "I'll give you something to cry about" which turned the little guy into a sobbing mass. A little while later, the little guy was playing in some leaves and shrieked at a bug that scared him. Coworker's response was "Quit scraming like a little girl."

I hate situations like that. I didn't say anything, but knew I should. The guy is horrible to his kids and thinks nothing of it. I chicken-shitted out like always. Hubby has encouraged me to hang out with this guys wife, who is very sweet, and I get along with very well, but I don't know how to handle their situation, so I never initiate any contact with her. If he ever starts any of that shit in my house (the only time they ever come over is when we have big parties, since we're both uncomfortable around them), he'll get the riot act and a boot out.

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