Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hubby and Peanut had their first overnight (sort of) at a friend's house. Hubby and his friend used to work together and when the friend got married we all started hanging out as couples. They have a son who's Peanut's age and an infant daughter. The boys (big and small) enjoy playing with each other, so Hubby and Peanut were invited overnight. The little boys slept in a tent in the livingroom until the big boys realized they wouldn't be able to play the Wii without waking them. They were shuttled off to Friend's Son's room and snuggled together in bed. Everything went great until Peanut woke up at midnight crying for me. They arrived home around 1 am. Peanut woke briefly, snuggled next to me, and was out for the night within 5 minutes.

It's nice to be loved and missed.

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