Friday, April 25, 2008

Peanut’s daycare had picture day today. They wanted to take his pictures as soon as he got there, so I stayed to avoid a melt-down.

He is such a ham! He chatted with the photographer, bounced around, smiled a lot and was generally silly. But every time she aimed the camera at him, he would turn around or cover his face. She was eventually able to distract him with bubbles (very smart woman).

At one point she asked him to say “Chuck E. Cheese.” His reply: “I can’t.” So she asked him to say “stinky feet” at which point he got into a rambling dialog of how he was clean and his feet smell clean (he had a bath last night in preparation for said pictures). Up until bedtime last night, he would hold out various limbs and ask Hubby or me to smell how clean he was. I was even asked to smell his bum but declined that offer. I think she got some good shots and several really silly ones.


Peanut and Hubby accompanied me to my OB appointment yesterday (31 weeks)! They were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat which Peanut seemed to enjoy. The OB asked if Peanut wanted to hear his heart, but he preferred to use Daddy as a guinea pig. I think he was afraid the doppler thingy would hurt.

The boys went on their merry way and I went to the hospital to have the fetal fibronectin swab taken. I was expecting to be out in an hour or so…and was there for about 3. The nurse had me change into a gown and hooked me up to the fetal monitor, pulse ox, etc. (I wasn’t expecting all that.) It turns out I was having contractions EVERY 2-3 MINUTES. Not productive labor contractions, but frequent ones, nonetheless. A couple huge cups of water later and they were down to every 7-8 minutes. The baby’s heart tones were great and the swab came back negative, so I was cut free. The doctor decided to have me repeat the test every week until I’m at 35 weeks, at which point they will not stop premature labor if it starts.

Holy crap! I get Braxton-Hicks contractions irregularly throughout the day, but I had no idea a non-laboring uterus could be so busy. It does happen, according to the nurse, but it was scary. She recommended I up my water intake to roughly a gallon a day – the Florida heat can be brutal on pregnant moms.


S. said...

Sheesh, you will never stop peeing! :-)

StaceyG said...

Wow that's a lot of water!! You'll be spending all your time in the bathroom!

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj said...

OH MY HECK, as they say here in UT. A girl takes a lousy 9 months off of blogging, and hey! No coincidence that THAT'S EXACTLY HOW LONG IT TAKES EVERYONE TO GET KNOCKED UP!!!

I am thrilled for you guys! I have missed you so much, and this is the best welcome back to chez selzach I could have asked for!!