Saturday, April 19, 2008

Peanut went for another ENT checkup this week. He still has fluid in the left ear (the one with no tube) and although his hearing is normal, he doesn't hear as well on that side. The other tube is still hanging on. They'll give 6 more weeks for it to come out. The good news is they can remove it in the office without sedation. The LPN said they can manage that in kids with one tube, but never with two. It must hurt, but is quick, so the kids don't expect it. However, once they've gotten one out, there's no way the kids will let them back for a second one. If they do the removal, I hope he won't freak out the next time he goes in (like he's done at the pediatrician's in anticipation of rectal thermometers and shots).

The bad news is that if he still has fluid, we'll be looking at another set of tubes plus adenoid removal. We'll have to find out more about the surgery. She said the kids are usually fully recovered in a couple of days. My big concern is anesthesia. The tubes were done in less than 5 minutes under gas. I don't know how much longer the adenoids take and if that requires more anesthetic.

I just want my little guy to be healthy and safe.

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StaceyG said...

Punkin's ear problems were solved by a second set of tubes and adenoid removal. It didn't take much longer than the first surgery, but the recovery was a bit longer. The bad breath is the worst part, hands down! =)