Thursday, January 08, 2004

As I was driving in to work this morning, NPR had a story about Pete Rose and how he admitted to and apologized for his gambling. Except the apology wasn't a good one. Rather than making a specific apology taking the blame for what he did, he made an apology along the lines of "I'm sorry it happened. I'm sorry for the people it hurt." That type of apology is so familiar. Crazy roommate used to make those. Except hers were always the "I guess I'm sorry" variety. Whatever.


Generally I'm a snob when it comes to humor. I just don't find a lot of things funny. Hubby on the other hand finds all sorts of stuff funny and laughs a lot. I even have times when I wonder to myself how the hell he can think something so stupid is so funny. But I do have my lowbrow humor weakness: farts. I came across this thunderbutt blog yesterday and it killed me. Our dog Lily is the queen of Ninja Farts (hubby's name for SBDs). She even occasionally has an audible fart or burp and I always crack up. We recently had her out for walkies, I heard a fart, asked hubby if it was him, he said no, asked if it was me, I said no, then we realized it was Lily and had a good laugh. She's also done the fart-and-stare-in-amazement-at-her-butt phenomenon. Even the cats get in on the Ninja Farts every so often. We had to stop feeding them canned food because it gave 2 of them horrid gas.

My all time favorite fart scene from a movie is in Scooby Doo. The part where Shaggy is inside the suit of armor next to a torch and farts and it makes the tinny popping sound. Ohmygod. I skipped the DVD back prolly 5 times to replay that part it had me laughing so hard. (Allright, I probably replaid it more like 10 times.)

How to poop at work also had me rolling compliments of Stacey.

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