Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today at work, I've been isolating spores using the dissecting microscope. It's rather boring and tedious, so I like to listen to music while working. I decided to go retro and listen to Depeche Mode's Black Celebration. The music reminded me of my second boyfriend (he was really my first real boyfriend as the first one lived 4 hours away and our "dating" was mostly phone calls once a week). He totally broke my 15 year old heart. His hints to me that he wanted to break up with me were 1) to ignore me at his 16th birthday party and flirt with another girl the whole time and 2) to not call me for approximately a month after said party. I finally called him because I was so lovesick and depressed and needed to know if there was any hope for us. There wasn't. Once school started back up, he finally gave me a note with some pathetic excuse for his crappy treatment of me. He also started to flirt with one of my best friends whenever the 3 of us happened to be at the same place. Nice.

I moved away after my first year of college, but still kept in touch with several hometown friends. They kept me filled in on the ex. I knew that he had been fired or not kept on after the holiday season at a couple of jobs because we had worked at a couple of the same mall jobs. Turns out there was suspicion of him stealing. He also got busted stealing some floppy disks (back in the day when they still were floppy) from school and got kicked out of college for a year for hacking into their VAX (remember those) and trying to change some of his grades.

Flash forward a few more years - I'm finishing up grad school and preparing to take a new job. Out of the blue I get an e-mail from guess who. Apparently he had found me on the internet. I responded, but kept things purposely vague - I didn't know his motive and really didn't care to have him know too much about me. He sounded real happy about his life (even though I know from a mutual friend that he disliked his job and had never been able to finish college after the hacking incident) and even offered a pseudo-apology for his high school treatment of me. He also sounded very interested when I told him I was moving to Florida soon for the job. But I never told him where and never e-mailed him again after I moved. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have even responded to his e-mail at all, but it was really fun to pretend I didn't know about any of the stuff that had happened to him in the previous years and to hear his version of it.

All this reminded me of how happy I am that hubby and I met and ended up together. He never played stupid head games with me while we were dating and always stood up for me if his friends were acting like butts. He's not afraid to show his affection for me, respects me, and talks to me about how he's feeling and what's going on in his life. All this is stuff the ex never did.

Depeche Mode was my first concert ever. World Violation tour, Giants Stadium (the Meadowlands). Awesome show! The only better concert I've been to was a U2 show a couple years ago.

When I was taking Lily for evening walkies last night, we came across a lop ear bunny. It was obviously not a wild bunny. I knocked on a few doors to see if it belonged to anyone and noone knew about the bunny. One family said it had been in their yard over the weekend and did nothing about it. Poor bunny. If one of my pets were to get loose, I hope someone would try to find out who it belonged to or take it to the SPCA or a vet's office rather than just let it roam around. I was going to take Lily home and come back for the bunny when another neighbor caught it. I hope she can find the owner. If the bunny is just a dump-off, I hope it finds a good new home.

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