Friday, January 23, 2004

Lily caused a bruise on my hand, the little shit. During the bunny incident the other night, she lunged at the bunny and the leash caught on my hand. She even had her pinch collar on and that still didn't deter her. (I know it looks like a horrible, medieval torture device, but it's really not that bad. When I was taking her to obedience classes, they made me tighten the collar around my arm before putting it on her, and it really doesn't jab that much).

She decided she needed to pee at 5 am today. I had already gotten up at 3 when I had to pee and didn't feel like getting up again. But I didn't want to be mean and make her wait an hour until I got up for good, so I took her. When I got back in bed, she was hogging up my side. I shoved her to the foot of the bed, she weasled back up in between hubby and me, and we went back to sleep.

Hubby took her out again before he left for work. The neighbor's little yappers were in their yard yapping up a storm. All of a sudden, the yaps got louder - hubby noticed a little head peaking out from under their fence. I guess pretty soon they'll be loose, which means Lily will go even more apeshit than normal.

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