Thursday, January 29, 2004

My aunt's surgery went well. She spent 7 hours on the operating table, but seems to be recovering well. Mom talked to her today and she was coherent altlhough very much doped up on pain meds. She wasn't really feeling up to talking much, so I'll wait till tomorrow to check in.

My coworker's brain surgery also was successful. The surgeon feel confident that he removed all of the tumor. I'm not sure if she has tumors elsewhere, though. Cancer is an evil disease.

On a lighter note, I ended up on poopie patrol this morning. Somebody had left a furry poo on the livingroom floor, which I cleaned and Lysoled. When Zoe, the medium-hair cat, came over to me, I noticed a distinct poop smell. On investigation, I discovered that sure enough, she had dingleberries mashed into her butt fur. I lured her into the bathroom and tried to hold her and cut the fur with scissors. She was having none of that. Hubby was indisposed at the time (as in "taking a whammy"), so I ended up just yanking the dingleberries out with a wad of tp. Zoe was not at all happy. Tonight hubby and I will do some rear end trimming. Oh fun.

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