Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I am having complete and utter baby lust. An out-of-state friend just gave birth to twins last week and e-mailed pictures. They are adorable little munchkin girls.

Hubby and I have waffled back and forth over the years. From the beginning we decided on maybe. For a while we'd think we'd like to have kids, then we'd think we really liked our lives the way they were and the freedom we have to take a long weekend and go away. But the thing is, we rarely do that kind of stuff anyway. Last year we started seriously talking about having a little munchkin of our own and decided once we were settled in the new house and had our finances worked out, we'd try to start a family.

Another friend who also now lives out of state has 3 little boys. When we first met, the oldest was just a toddler at the time. I babysat some for him, and she and I used to have each other over for dinner for a girls' night together. When she became pregnant with the second, she was my first real experience with a pregnancy from the beginning to delivery. It was truly amazing. She's such a wealth of knowledge of pregnancy, nursing, childbirth, and raising a child. I really wish she still lived close by.

Next month I go for my annual exam & pap. If everything's OK, and once I find out what to do about the prescriptions I'm currently taking, the light will be green. Yippee!

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