Monday, January 26, 2004

Lily went to the vet on Saturday for a shot and her post-bladder infection urine screen. She's the only dog I know who loves going to the vet. She loves the car ride there. She loves the vet's office...lots of new dogs, cats and people to meet. She loves the vet and the techs. She didn't even flinch when the tech gave the shot - she was great. I'd say it's 50/50 as far as Lily having a sweet personality and loving everybody who pays her attention and having a great vet and staff. They usually bribe her with a cookie before shots, so she's so busy chowing down she doesn't even notice the needles. And everyone makes such a fuss over her. The cats, on the other hand HATE the vet's office and the ride there and even getting in the carriers in the first place. I understand why they don't fuss so much over the kitties since they're usually hissing or growling, but I always feel a little sorry for them that they don't get any treats or lavish petting.

Every so often hubby will drop a hint that I don't have that many friends and I need to get out more. I don't disagree with this, although since we moved into our house I love to be at home. But I was a homebody even before that. I do have a few close friends. I've always been the type just to have a few close friends. I have a hard time making new friends, and if I don't find someone easy to talk to, it becomes very awkward for me to just hang out with them. I've also been burned by several friends.

The first was my childhood best friend. We met in pre-school and were inseparable. It was pretty much unavoidable that we would eventually drift apart - she was the youngest in a large family, went to public school, and was pretty worldly. I was an very sheltered only child who went to parochial school. Around middle school we started drifting apart. Then came the fated birthday party where she and her new best friend made fun of my tiny boobs. At 11 or 12, that was a seriously scarring incident and drove the final spike between us. We never spoke after that other than an occasionaly "hi" when we saw each other at church. Then they joined a new church and eventually she and I moved to different states. Now it turns out I live only 2 hours away from her parents, who also happen to be my godparents. I've debated looking them up, but it seems it would be really awkward. I haven't seen them in probably 15 years.

The second was my best friend at the parochial school. We met in kindergarten and were close until middle school (hmmmm...a trend? Middle school was a really difficult time). She started gossiping about me, making snide remarks directly to me, then tried to have another girl beat me up at recess. When I confronted the friend and told her to take me on directly if she had a problem with me, she backed off. She moved to another town and a new school. About 5 years later I got a phone call from her. I still lived in the same house with the same phone number, and she had come across it and decided to call me. We had a nice conversation and she wanted to get together. I was getting ready to move with my mom to a new state in a few weeks and never made the effort to get in touch with her again. Maybe I should have, but I didn't feel up for making the effort to try and become friends again, especially since I was moving 900 miles.

The third was another girl from the parochial school that I became fast friends with in 7th grade. Our school only went up to grade 8, so in 9th grade we went to public junior high. She lived on the other side of town, so she went to the other school. We would have been in high school together, but her parents moved after 9th grade. As soon as she moved, she dropped all her friends from the old town. I called her once that and she barely tried to hold a conversation with me. I took the hint. I think in her case, part of the reason she cut ties was because she had a lot of problems with some of the other kids at our parochial school. They taunted her in school, pranked her house and did other nasty stuff. Eventually her parents and the principal had to get involved to make the more overt shit stop. So I can understand why she wanted to make a fresh start, but damn, I never did any of that crap to her and tried to really be there for her.

The fourth was crazy roommate. I've already said plenty about her in previous entries. Enough said.

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