Saturday, January 10, 2004

Went shopping at Marshall's today. I love cheap clothes and housewares. I found a bunch of Groovy Girls dolls for my honorary niece. They're adorable machine washable plush dolls that come in a variety of skin and haircolors and have cool outfits with velcro closures that are easy to change. They ranged from $3-$5, so I bought her 5 of them. Why didn't they have cool dolls like these when I was a kid? I might actually have liked dolls. I want to play with them now!


Yesterday I had to pick up some supplies for the lab from Wal*Mart (aka Wal*Hell). I fucking hate that store. It was crowded as usual and people would not get out of the way. The aisles were clogged with stacks of merchandise which made it all the more congested. They discriminate against women , force employees to work off the clock , exploit illegal immigrants and use all sorts of nasty means to prevent their employees from unionizing. And I know 2 people who have been injured when items fell on them off of those super-high shelves. One was hubby's step-mom who was an employee at the time. It caused her painful neck and jaw injury that required her to wear braces and special mouthpieces for a couple years to realign her jaw and teeth and Wal*Mart didn't want to pay her medical bills or workers comp. Finally after about 2 years they settled with her. A friend in college had a heavy box fall on her - heavy enough that her head poked through the box when it landed on her. She luckily only had minor neck injury, but Wal*Mart didn't want to pay her chiropractor bills with the excuse that she may have already had neck injuries previous to the accident. Luckily she had a back X-ray taken at some point previous to the accident and was able to prove that the injuries were not pre-existing.

Oh yeah, before I got on my tirade, I was going to say that I accidentally got a pack of notepads and some pens for free. They were in my cart under a big filing cabinet that I didn't want to drag back out for the checker to scan it. I had so much crap, I totally forgot they were under there. I feel really bad about dishonesty, but I hate the store enough that I didn't go back in and 'fess up. Hope I don't rot in hell for that one.

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