Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Cat scratch fever round 2....After the other night's scratching incident, hubby's response was "It was a fluke. Let the cat sleep in bed. It'll never happen again." Ha. Last night I awoke to the cat frantically clawing his way out from under the covers between hubby and me. I was lucky enough to only sustain a couple of small scratches on my fingers. Hubby got a lovely series of gashes on his side. He has now decided that the cat is no longer allowed to sleep under the covers. Period.

I see how it is. When I have nasty, gross, tendony ick dangling from the puncture wound on my hand, that's OK. But when hubby gets scratched up, the cat must go.

I pass a huge church on my daily commute. The big churches here like to use big lighted signs that scroll messages about their weekly services and whatnot. It's a completely new phenomenon to me. This one particular church had messages that read "We heart visitors" and "We heart hurting people". I noticed yesterday that the second message has been removed. I guess someone finally realized it could be read with a couple of meanings. Hubby and I always joked that they kept bats and tire irons behind the pulpit.

Speaking of churches and all that, I'm really tired of all the anti-gay crap and people freaking out over gay marriages. Get over it already. Why shouldn't two loving, committed adults be allowed to enter a legal union? It's really nobody else's business anyways. Why should someone be denied insurance benefits and custody rights just because they happen to love someone of the same sex? I hope the marriages continue.

Hubby decided that in response to all the hoopla, he's going to form his own church. It'll be the Church Of Everyone Else Is Going To Hell Except Us. If you're gay, forget it, you're going to hell. Just because being gay didn't make the big ten doesn't mean you get a free pass out of eternal damnation. Just because Jesus died for your salvation, that doesn't mean anything. And if you look different or act different you're going to be hanging with satan. I'm sure there's something somewhere in the bible about that, too. (Just to be clear, THIS IS A JOKE.)

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