Monday, March 15, 2004

Other than some bad news from Mom, the weekend was really nice. Mom saw her GP on Friday and he heard an irregularity in her heartbeat, so he sent her for an EKG. It showed up there as well. She's always had a quirk in her heartbeat, but this new one has the doctor concerned. She's scheduled for bloodwork. She's also lost 30 lbs since October. At first, no one was too concerned. Up until a month or two ago, she was still very depressed and anxious. She now has stabilized, but still has little appetite, and even though she's eating regular meals, is losing weight. So she goes in for an upper-GI series at the end of the month. That has both her and me very worried. The doctor didn't say much about it, but we know what it could be. We're hoping it's nothing more than something related to her IBS, or even a small ulcer.

The weather was gorgeous. While hubby ran cable to Mom's bedroom, Mom and I bought some flowers at Lowe's and then I took her grocery shopping. Cindy is ornery as always and keeps trying to revert back to the lower doses on her meds. She also does little for herself and little around the house and wants Mom to go to all her doctor's appointments with her. Mom put her foot down (especially since she has her own health worries), so maybe Cindy will help out more. I'm not too hopeful, since Cindy is 85 and has never been alone.

Saturday night we went to a Tampa Lightning game. We left early as they were getting hammered by the Carolina Hurricanes. I guess they shouldn't have been all braggy about not losing to Carolina in 10 consecutive games. On our way there, we saw a guy standing outside his car, blocking traffic, peeing on the highway off ramp. We concluded that he probably was a drunk spring-breaker and hubby dreamed that we were in our home county so he could've arrested the idiot.

Sunday we mowed the yard, weeded, and planted some flowers. We met a nice lady who lives up the street who asked about our flowers. I took Lily for a walk once we finished and saw several other neighbors who had the same idea as us. There are some very pretty yards in our neighborhood.

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