Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Remember this post where I mentioned the nesting pair of ospreys? Well, all hell broke out last night. We had heavy rains, which caused some branches from the nest to cross wires. Which led to a big fire on the power line and an outage for several hours. Both the power company and fire department responded and the power company had to work until the wee hours to remedy the damage.

Today I called the power company and spoke to a very nice engineer, who said he would put in an order for a nest platform to be installed atop the utility pole. Once I provided my work address, he saw that an order had already been placed. Apparently when damage occurs, the power company takes these things seriously. They had sent someone out to assess the nest a couple of weeks ago, who did nothing, nor did he follow up with anyone here.


Your engineer Robert was pleasant, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. When I asked if something could be done to deter the ospreys, he said no, but was willing to put in an order for a nest platform. All your employees should be as friendly and helpful as him.

Timothy, the orignal person (also and engineer?) I spoke to several weeks ago, was not at all helpful. When I asked if the ospreys could be deterred (well before they had anything recognizable as a nest), he said not really and made no mention of the possibility of a platform.

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