Monday, March 08, 2004

I talked to Dad and Stepmom last night. Things were going really well until Dad said he was upset with me. I then reverted into an 8-year old, wondering what I had done to make Daddy mad. It turns out, he was upset over one of the episodes of Sex & the City that I had loaned them. No it had nothing to do with sex or nudity or language. It was an early episode in which Carrie hooks up with a twenty-something college guy. By night his apartment looks hip and charming, but in the light of day it's a nasty shithole. That's what bothered Dad. The nasty apartment. He just cracks me up. Hubby overheard the phone conversation and interjected comments about some of the dumps he's been in - places that look like the walls and floors are moving because of profuse roaches, places where 30 or 40 roaches fall out of the fridge when opened. Dad really enjoyed hearing about that.

Cindy is back home with my mom and is stubborn as ever. She's taking her medications, but she keeps wanting to take them as prescribed before her trip to the hospital, not with the increases her doctor added after seeing her in the hospital. We took Mom by Cindy's house twice on Saturday to make attempts at picking up some of Cindy's stuff. The first time Mom forgot the key, the second time hubby picked up the key while I took Mom grocery shopping. It was the wrong key. Hubby and I got very annoyed, so Mom got pissed at hubby for unknowingly picking up the wrong key (she told me it was on the table, so he took the keys from the table). I'm feeling very frustrated with my mom and the way our relationship is playing out.

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